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Konami KV2
Konami 2.0  
Konami Podium  
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Konami KV2 Slot Machine
Konami V2 Advantage Slot Machine
Konami Podium Slot Machine

This Konami video machine features an attractive cabinet with padded arm rest for player comfort.  These machines are a great addition to any gaming floor and are a sure win to get play without breaking the bank.


Konami's advantage reel spinner slot machine with bonus 4th reel LCD.

This slimline cabinet from Konami boasts dual 22" Hi-Def LCDs and is surrounded by color changing LED lights. Available in the K2V and KP3 platform, these games are sure to be a player favorite.
Konami Advantage 5
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Konami Advantage 5 Slot Machine

This stunning 5Reel stepper from Konami utilizes a 19" LCD and colored LED lights throughout the cabinet to REALLY captivate the player. Steppers have come a long way in the past few years and Konami is definitely ahead of the game!


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